Larry DeBord, 1942-2021

Florence, Oregon
July 27, 2021

Larry Wayne DeBord passed away on July 27, 2021, at 12:15. He was 79 years and 41 days old.

Larry was born on June 18, 1942, in Missouri.

And now it is time to write these final words that let the people who loved him in this community he chose know of his passing. That is what an obituary is meant to do, it is meant to announce the occasion of this sad event in our lives. Larry DeBord was a gift to all of us who knew him for each of those 79 years and 41 days of his life.

In the introduction to his book, “Face,” Larry’s life before Florence is described: “DeBord’s fascination with imagery began as a child as he crawled through the woods photographing insects and birds. These pursuits led him to graduate studies in biology, using photography as a data-collecting tool. Changing lenses, Larry jumped the academic track and wandered through different woods — he became a carpenter and then a designer of houses. His interests in the external habitats of people evolved to an interest in their inner habitats — with ultrasound he imaged living hearts to evaluate coronary artery disease. After a decade in dark exam rooms, he stepped outside into the sunlight, picked up the camera and returned to being a photographer, this time for the Environmental Protection Agency. The crawling was now through the brambles of government bureaucracy. In 2007, he dusted off his knees and brought his focus to Florence, Ore.”

Larry was a drywaller, a farmer, a father, a good ole hippy, a photographer, a mushroom hunter, a biologist, an explorer, a gardener, a handyman, a generous host, an imaginative cook, a wine aficionado and, most importantly, a friend — a good and true friend.

He was a man of unlimited curiosity who searched enthusiastically for the truth and delighted in a lively exchange of ideas. He was generous, quietly giving his attention and resources to the most in need in our community.

No memorial service is planned.

Should you wish to remember him with a contribution, Larry valued Siuslaw Outreach Services (SOS), Florence Food Share, Florence Habitat for Humanity and any organization that supports the young people of our community.

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