Hall High School Class of 1960  

50th Reunion Questionnaire

REPLY by May 15th!


Information for attendance and the directory:

Use reverse side if needed


Name as Classmate:  __________________________________________________________

Current Name: ≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠≠_______________________________________________________________

Spouseís Name: ______________________________________________________________

Current Mailing Address:  _____________________________________________________

City: _________________________________State:  ___________ Zip:  ________________

Hm. Phone No.  ______________________ Cell Phone No.___________________________

E-mail address _______________________________________________________________

Social Media:  Facebook _____ Twitter ______ Website ____________________________

Occupation: _________________________________________ I am retired: ____________

# of Children: ______Ages of Children: ____________# of Grandchildren _____________

Achievements Iím most proud of: 

Whatís best about this time in your life?

Favorite Memory at Hall:

Song Requests for the band:


Please help us:

1.  Any spouse a member of another LR class?  List maiden name, school & Yr Graduated


2.  Please review our revised website.  The "In Memorial" section needs any information

      that would update the information of the classmates we honor there.

_______ Yes, I/we will be attending the reunion on July 23-25, 2010 . . . the cost is:

             $100 per person, or $85* per person if I cannot attend the Friday night dinner.

               I am bringing a guest Ė Guestís name _________________________________

_______ (1) Tickets are $100 and I plan to attend the entire Reunion Festivities - I'm
money for _____ ticket/tickets.

_______ (2) Tickets are *$85 per person, excluding the Friday night dinner, and Iím                    
             enclosing money for _____ ticket/tickets.

 _______ I am unable to attend.  L


_______  I am unable to attend, but want to be mailed an updated directory for $10.00

              (Send payment with this questionnaire)

Please enclose your check with this questionnaire and return to Libby Foster McDaniel,

7112 Shamrock Drive, Little Rock, AR  72205.  Make checks payable to Hall High Reunion Class of 1960.