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Bernie Jungkind, Cathy Chance, Bill Bozarth, Judy Wheeler, Edwin Johnson, and Amelia Alves . . . all 5th Graders 1953
1956 Camp Ouachita with Susu Smith and Mary Helen McPeak 1958 With Margie Buxton at Pulaski Heights Methodist Church Archive shot Bill Johnny 1952 Bill Libby 1954 ClarksonGroup Classmates Carol Covington Classmates Mark Spradley Classmates Tom McKnelly
Erner_TroysRollerdrome1 Erner_TroysRollerdrome2 Erner_TroysRollerdrome3 Erner_TroysRollerdrome4 LeeSchoolFirstGrade Libber and Bill B. 1954 Libber and bunny old photo
Pulaski Heights ReportCard scan0007 young0002
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