Front Row L to R: Roger Lancaster, Jimmy Bryers, David Bird, Becky Baxter, Eileen Hathaway, Zeke Wingfield, Sandra Brewer, Sharon Berry
Middle Row L to R: David Vise, Gerald Fitzgerald, Henry Naugher, Herman Copeland, Ellen Hale, Rita Smith, Pat Hoak, Rita Kelly, Kay Stephens, Margaret Smith.
Back Row L to R: Randy Herrin, Charles Cusick, Tommy McKnelly, Jimmy Donham, Lynne Rockenbach, Ronnie Wagner, Gail Peck, Beverly Cheshire.
PulaskiHeightsBand PulaskiHeightsBandLetter PulaskiHeightsJrHigh PulaskiHeightsJrHighBand PulaskiHeightsJrHighBasketball PulaskiHeightsJrHighClass RuffinRectorPulHtsJrHigh
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